Wednesday, August 31

Because everyone knows Google is Secretly Evil

As I look at my Google Android phone that is connected to my Gmail account which of course is connected to this Blogger account, I just can't help but remember what Hungry Beast Warned me about this Google Thing being evil.

In the information age where information = Power. Currently no one has more than Google on people. Its like they have a virtual strangle hold on the World. Google will soon enough just know everything about anything and anyone ever.

As shown here in the upcoming videos.

Look at this Google Chrome ad 'Dear Sophie'. It'll make you tear up like a bitch, seriously it'll make you emotionally tap out under its mighty choke hold of fatherly love.... It's sickening.

Should really cut down on the MMA analogy of choking someone out.

Then of course there is the NFL Superbowl commercial called Partisan Love, another one to sucker your information over to google.

But then again what Google does with this information is entirely up to them. This is where we start asking important questions like, What exactly Will Google do with all that information on me? What can I do to Counter Act it!? Does it honestly matter because I'm such a worthless pion of a person?

And now a completely light hearted send up of all this new information you've supposedly received.... ENJOY!!!

Creepy Huh?

Eh... Whatever, I'm okay with Google... Better than those Apple bastards

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