Sunday, June 24

Song of the Day: "Cigarettes Will Kill You" - Ben Lee

Another Australian Musician, this time a throwback to the 90s.

This song was released way back in 1998, some 14 years ago back when Ben Lee was 18. He is a teenager making crazy insightful and uplifting music like this. I didn't know shit about anything at 18 and he's making music about how people will willing continue to go to a bad relationship when they know it's bad for them but they continue to do it anyway. The same parallel that people know Cigarettes are bad for them but smoke them anyway.

The above video is the Australian version of the single and the one below is the one they ran in the United States and internationally. Now I don't exactly get why his Australian Street performance piece had to be replaced with a lofty story about a girl being shot on suspicion... You draw your own conclusions there.

All I know is I had this song stuck in my head for the longest time and sometimes really do wish that could say that everyone was wrong.

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