Friday, August 31

This is the reason why I love Persona 4 the animation

Now really. How can you argue against this?

"I'm going to save this Girl!" Said the Evil kidnapper
"Fuck You!" (is the response from the usually) Silent Protagonist/Yu.

After playing the actual game 3 times through. This animation is a to the letter complete translation of this ridiculous game into an animation series.

The story of the game is based around you a 2nd year in Japanese highschool (Year 11, I assume) transfer student spending a year with your recently widowed Uncle who is a hardass detective and his sad and lonely little daughter. You will attend highschool with a bunch of other awkward teenage stereotypes because they will come in handy when you go out INVESTIGATING A STRING OF MYSTERIOUS MURDERS BY JUMPING INTO TELEVISIONS. This game is about a bunch of teenagers that have superpowers in a world they enter after jumping into television screens.

They were all drawn together by the Midnight Channel.

The coolest concept of the game. Urban legend says that if you stare into a off television set on a rainy night, at midnight your soul mate will appear on the screen.

You will see your soul mate. That's enough to hook most people. It's the "Interesting... Go on" moment of the description.

This Classic Japanese Teenage Murder Mystery where we all learn about friendship and life lessons. There is the quiet mousey girl that runs a family hot spring inn, the loud in your face girl that is a Kung Fu Expert and loves Steak, the insecure tough guy that beat up a gang of bikers because they were keeping his mum up at night, the weird perverted one, the teen bikini model / movie star / television personality that is on hiatus, the young ace detective (That cross dresses), etc. etc.

That is essentially the idea of the show.

It has taken playing a JRPG dungeon crawl game. The fighting system in this game was no more than a guessing game until you found out what the opponents weaknesses were that you found your ideal persona elemental attack with everyone in the group and just running with whichever Persona hit hardest or was most effective. Sidenote: Some of those Gods are Awesome and some are strange as all hell. The Death God of Alice just terrorises me.

Look it's like Poke'mon, but instead of holding animated toy animals it was based around ancient gods of multiple new and old mythology gods and Japanese folk law spirits and you somehow made more powerful ones depending on your friendships with people in real life, which was told out in a tarot card system. This game was deep. Plus it taught me what each Tarot card vaguely means when drawn. Drawing a card upside is considered bad, except the card of Death. The card of Death when drawn means you either lose all of your health points or all your "spirit" points. You would then be kicked out of the dungeon.

So yeah, if you don't have time to play a long as fuck game.

Watch this 25 episode anime. That's like. 8.4 hours. People can stretch that over a week or two. (Yes I'm telling you how to time manage this, you are watching Japanese cartoons)

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