Saturday, January 14

It's like a Nerd Mardi Gras


I love Geeky Conventions, It honestly gives me an excuse to dress up like a fucking cartoon character. Hell if it was in my budget, I'd go as Batman! Preferably the one from the Video Games, Chris Nolan's Batman looks kinda stupid... Because frankly Christian Bale shouldn't be Batman, He plays an excellent Bruce Wayne but I wouldn't mind if they just swapped him out with I dunno... The Rock. Someone who looks good dressed as Batman, Christian Bale just doesn't have the Build. Video Game Batman looks like he'd punch your face off with ease... Because he's fucking Huge.

Christian Bale is great... But Batman should honestly just be some huge guy.

Anyway, I decided from my last nerd convention where I went dressed as Justice from Afro Samurai in a mediocre but well thought out costume under $40 that for the next one I'll dress up as Kratos. The Next one seems to be Supernova.

I think half the fun of this year is that I'm going to make some of the God of War Blades using some paper mache. I'm really planning the crap out of this, hell if I can make a reasonable looking Medusa Head, I'll fucking do it.

God of War Update 4:
Sydney Supernova Convention: June 12
Day: 53

So after 53 days of watching my dieting (sorta) and working out constantly I have gotten myself into some magnificent shape due to this weird personal experiment which was brought along do to my insane narcissism. The fact that I can now clearly see every muscle in my upper body is amazing to me. My general health is superb, my skin, my mood, everything just seems great. Although keeping it at this state requires a lot of sacrifice, namely in sleep. I sleep a whole lot just so my body can recover more in between work outs.

By work outs I mean I lift weights when ever I get bored now. If I haven't got anything to do, I'll just put on a podcast and go do 100 Push-Ups on the Perfect Push Ups. Or I'll just do 200 standing bicep curls and tricep lifts. I am still not consuming enough protein to build more muscle mass. I'm sure I can manage to eat more protein without having to resort to using bulk building muscle mass powder. That just seems like cheating to me. I really need to study more on Nutrition. On a side note I still weight 74kgs but that's not really much of an issue anyway.

I just have to build a bigger chest and I'll be sweet, apparently Kratos was written to be 6'6 to 6'7 ft tall. Well I'm sure 6'1 is tall enough by most people's standards.

Now that I'm in this great shape I'm more planning the costume aspect of it all now... To think I was thinking of changing my mind to go with a more modest costume like Adam Jensen from Deus Ex Human Revolution was silly... Even though I have the sweet trench coat, sunglasses, facial hair, boots and lack of shame to paint on some robot arms, all that work to get into shape would've been for nothing.

Next God of War Update there will be pictures... Promise... Ehhhh...

Ignoring the dancing... That's a pretty Awesome Costume

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