Thursday, May 3

So I've been Stalking MemeMolly Lately

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Molly Templeton My Damn Channel
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The world of Vlogging seems pointless to me. Then again so does Blogging, it's essentially the same exercise but you talk instead of write. However Youtube personality MemeMolly has had me thinking different lately. Well not just lately, for a good while now. Ever since she was 16 Molly Templeton has been making and posting videos for YouTube on her Vlogging Channel MemeMolly. She was also on the Internet Media Rocketboom as their daily news Anchor for 2 years but she is back making adorably awkward vlogs and working behind the scenes on the video site My Damn Channel.

I'm just going to cut to the chase and say, I freaking love Molly Templeton. She seems to wonderful to be real and here's the reason why I currently have an unhealthy obsession with internet "celebrity". My recent devotion and admiration of her may seem weird and strange to others but this is her damn job / hobby and if she didn't want weird people like me stalking her then she wouldn't be so damn good at vlogging.

And Now.... Why I love MemeMolly.

1) She's Very Pretty... and British
Its hard not to notice her looks. She's a very pretty looking girl, a natural girl next door sort of allure to Molly that seems to bewitch her thousands of subscribers to her personal vlog channel. But whenever she uploads a video eventually the comments will diverge into a typical trend of the internet's male dominated chauvinistic ways. Like Tits or GTFO and various other crude remarks. Obviously there are going to be the creeps, lurkers and perverts due to the veil of anonymity the internet provides, but sometimes you really wonder how anyone could put up with this and take their work seriously with such consistent harassment. Either way... Molly is Gorgeous.

That's a Vlog right there

2) She's an Internet Nerd

She was the host of an internet news site called RocketBoom. They delivered News stories, events around New York and originated the 'Know Your Meme' web series and website. Her time as the daily host saw her deliver some really well thought out pieces on trending internet topics, points of discussion and general obscure internet knowledge. Molly is switched and has her finger on the pulse of the internet.

3) She's Smart and a Deep Thinker
Her Vlogs were personally daily reflections about her life as a Young girl growing up in England and just being freaking adorable. Her video "Are you anybody's favourite person" that she posted in 2007 was nominated for a YouTube Award for best commentary video. Which makes sense because that is an extremely personal question that does require a lot of thought.

4) She likes all the same stuff as me

This is probably the clencher right here. She's a typical 22 year old nerd girl that pretty much watches and loves everything else that I love. (Because she has impeccable taste and she's perfect and I love her). Watches NBC sitcoms like Community and parks and Recreation, plays board games like Munckin and Dungeons and Dragons, Watches Adventuretime and Party Down, loves Meme and internet culture. On paper she seems perfect and too good to be real.

I probably wouldn't have a shot in hell with Molly (But it is nice to dream). Something about her makes me think I'd be instantly friend-soned if I ever knew her in person. Kinda like that song "High Above Me" she seems that way to me, Perfect yet unobtainable. Well enough of my pathetic lonely ramblings of a crazed stalker... Here is her most popular video on the internet. It currently has 18.5 Million views... on a side note, the music from LazyTown is pretty freaking awesome though.

Great, now that I've alienated a whole bunch of you who obviously don't care about YouTube vloggers at all. But hey, that's what I felt like talking about today.

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