Friday, April 27

The Weekly Wrap: I Believe in my smelf

Here we are again ending around week on the Internet with the Round-Up.

Kesha is one classy Lady

Just recently Kesha twitted about herself publicly urinating and provoking police actions against such a classy act. I don't like her music and I don't like her as a person but frankly this kind of snobbish rock star attitude has been dead since the 90s and Courtney Love.She admits herself her 15 minutes of fame will eventually be up but until then she's living it up like a Boss... Pissing like a Champion where ever she pleases.


Greatst Movie Ever Rolled

In celebration of 4:20 this week (Which is such an American thing to do) Hippies, Stoners and potheads celebrated by getting blazed out of their minds last Friday and watched a bunch of dumb cat videos, cartoons and had meandering conversations about meta physics. Either way because of the national "holiday" this movie was brought into light and frankly looks rather amusing. As far as a Morgan Spurlock rip-off film goes, this one looks far more bearable to sit through... Plus it honestly looks like I won't learn a damn thing but will enjoy myself regardless.


Old Spice - I Believe in my smelf

The people that work at Wieden and Kennedy have what I would consider the best damn job in the World. Working as the Old Spice marketing team. They make some of the most inspiring and creative videos online. I want their damn job, this is Old Spice's latest campaign "Believe in your smelf. It's Brilliant. The I can do anything commercial is my favourite of all the Old Spice commercials, it's just so motivating and stirring.


Afrian Men Hollywood Stereotypes - Mamahope

This viral video the guys from released for their cause to help get the youth of Africa educated is hilarious. Honestly I don't know all that much about African culture besides the fact that the country seemingly lives in constant poverty, something about blood diamonds and there is War Everywhere. So yeah... pretty much all those stereotypes in the video seemed like truth to me. Guess now I know better...


News Anchor Fails of 2012

Nothing new about News Anchors making mistakes on a broadcast, but these mishaps are actually rather questionable slips of the tongue rather than a simple honest mistake. Some people just have filthy minds.


How Hunger Games Should've Ended

The How It Should've Ended series rolls on with it's latest alternative animation in how the Hunger Games should've ended.


Internet Hall of Fame

Just quickly, The Internet Society (I have no idea who they are or what they exactly do, they sound like an Evil Corporation in a Bond Movie) have launched the Internet Hall of Fame and the Class of 2012 is made up of 33 men who have help shape, make and nurture the internet into the juggernaut of global service and information that it is today. Notable inductees are Vice President Al Gore and totted "creator" of the Internet Tim Berners-Lee.


Carpooling with Bohemian Rhapsody

Well its good to know that there are Cool Dads out there protecting Children from the awful state of Pop music these days... or at least distracting them from it.


Do You want to touch my Breasts?

God damn Belgium. The Push Button to Add drama wasn't even web recognition Belgium needed on the internet. Now they have gorgeous blonde woman accosting people with her glorious breasts... What a sick and awesome country.


Slow Jamming with the President

So The President went on Jimmy Fallon to help push for his bid for Re-election. How progressively modern to come onto the Tonight Show just to try and appease to the conman man.


How to make an Egg Sandwich

<a href="">HowToBasic</a> is a trolling youtube account. None of their tutorial videos are even remotely helpful... But in some autistic ally simple way, they are both hilarious and beautifully crafted pieces of art.



The guys at <a href="">flavorwire</a> have recently been collecting the film debuts of big name Hollywood stars of today. It's always great to see where and when these celebrities began their trip to the top.

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