Friday, April 20

Alright Friday Weekly Round Up!

Well it's the end of the damn week. Let's see what I've found for you people! That's my duty as a Blogger to go around stealing 'Sharing' other people's content and talking about and judging it on it's merits like some kind of elitist asshole.


Integrity Maintained!

This is the best thing in Wrestling right now. This will probably be taken day within the next few days because the WWE are like that now. So yeah, YES YES YES YES YES YES YES! (I know it's stupid, BUT I DON'T CARE!)

Daniel Bryan or known around the internet wrestling community as Sir Internet King God Bryan Danielson has somehow become a martyr for his 18 second Wrestlemania Loss. I don't think you people understand that Daniel Bryan is an internet Legend (in the wrestling circles). The American Dragon is still one of the most respected Wrestlers in the world and now he's a loud obnoxious Vegan that doesn't own a Television. He will now act like a child in front of people.,, Because "Best in the World" was taken

I had a banner to commemorate the moment.


In Donald Glover related news

That Donald4Spiderman campaign he had running before they casted Spiderman last year got through enough as Donald Glover will be an Easter Egg in the new Spiderman Movie which is awesome news. Eventually that job will be his one day, when the world is a better place and black people and white people will live peacefully with any guilt or racial awkwardness what-so-ever.

Eead more about it: "Donald Glover Spiderman Easter Egg" (Mary Sue):

Donald Glover makes a playlist from all his favourite La Blogatheque Take Away live shows. If you have seen those live shows, you really damn should. Check out the videos on their site here. Anyway the playlist is HERE [PLAYLIST: CHILDISH GAMBINO TAKE AWAY SHOW PLAYLIST Directly compare you taste in music to that of a Black Nerd ruling Television and the Internet. #takingover.

I don't twitter but ending that in some kind of gangsta like hash tag seemed appropriate. Anyway... Motherfucking Childish Gambino listens to trendy cafe music.... BITCH! Like Phoenix - 1901. Fucking


Devin Graham Breaking the Barrier:

Now its time to be serious.... The entire time watching this all I was thinking was just his voice in that dudes head was "DANCE! MONKEYS! DANCE!" Yeah yeah... I know, I'm going to hell.


Hot Problems

This is currently the Worst song in the World according to internet trending culture. I still personally think every Soulja Boy song, especially that one about Goku. Seriously this is worse than that.

Soulja Boy - "Goku"

Yeah, you've just lost 20 pts of IQ. Swag is for Boys, Class is for Men seems to apply greatly here.


Donald Duck (Dogma) Movie

From the Finnish Comedy Group Mid Island> comes a dark and broading skit about a real life adaptation of a Donald Duck movie under the premise of the "Goofy Plz" meme. Fuck You Internet, Ruining Everything.


Exercising Around the World

In the wake of Nike's makeitcount around the world in 10 days is this video from NerdFitness. Inspired by the Viral Globe Tour 'Where the Hell is Matt' this fine specimen of a human will remind you how lazy and inactive you are right now.


Meet David [Prometheus Promotional Internet Video]

The viral marketing they're doing for Ridley Scott's Prometheus is amazing. The Trailers don't tell you much about the movie and that's great. This Meet David video gives us a great insight to the dystopic future they have planned for this Sci-Fi Blockbuster. Very excited for the movie... Which is rare these days.


FreddeGredde Video Game Rock Medley

FreddeGredde Sweddish Internet Musician is famous for his elaborate multi-strument medleys. His latest offering is an epic 10 minute nostalgia bomb of a mix of video game classics and hidden gems. So level up your ears by listening to this impressive mix.


Japanese Zombie Movie

....What the fuck Japan? Seriously? This is just... Well... You can't get mad at the Japanese for being weird. That just what they do. If this movie actually exists I'll go way out of my way to find and see this.


Harry Partridge's Latest Work

And now for the ridiculously awesome animation of Harry Partridge. Famous for his original Skyrim announcement animation that swept the internet early last year.

and of course he followed it up with this.

Impressive work indeed.


1050 Bacon strip burger Seriously what do you want to say about this? The customer is always right and get what they want? NO! 1050 Bacon strips is just too damn many. I would personally love to just take a picture of this dude next to this tower of meat and send it to all the starving countries in Africa. ============================== Expect this to get updated more over the Weekend.

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