Monday, April 23

Recent Photoshop "Art"

Well I got Photoshop reinstalled on my computer and I haven't all that much with it when it comes to personal pieces. I occasionally throw something together for friends for their facebook vanity needs. Here's what I've done lately.
I made a Deus Ex Human Revolution picture of myself. How selfish...
A Good friend Josh wanted me to make him construct a Skyscraper because he's a Builder and a Fireman and a much better person than me in real life. Finding decent pictures of a sole man building a skyscraper is hard so I just photoshopped him with a bunch of Poke'mon. Josh like every other guy in their early twenties freaking LOVES poke'mon.
Here is a picture from St Patrick's Day many years ago with my two buddies Antony and Jarrad. Jarrad is the one in the ridiculous Hat. Antony you might remember from my Road Warrior Entry.

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