Wednesday, April 18

Steven Seagal's Legacy will live on

Steven Seagal is a Martial Arts Legend and a pretty famous movie star as well, Sometimes its easy to joke about his career to ignore the fact that he can still legitimately whoop most people's asses and his age and shape. Now everyone knows about his particular brand of bullshit Karate that he utilises in his movies called Akido to dispatch of countless goons, thugs, bad-asses, tough guys, drug dealers, and people in the wrong place at the wrong time. As it is a internationally recognised form of martial arts the lengths he uses it is down right ridiculous at times, I swear it looks like he just accidentally maims people with a stray karate chop but I guess that's what happens when you have a 7 degree (7th Dan) Black Belt in Akido.

Here is some promotional footage of him teaching the Greatest Pound for Pound Fighter in the UFC, Anderson Silva some basic Akido counters and strikes. According to Steven himself he was the one that trained Anderson to use that infamous front kick he used on Belfort. You know that kick that you saw plastered everywhere to promote the UFC 3 Undisputed game.

Steven Seagal is notorious for having ridiculously titled movies. They have this distinct way of sounding like a B grade 90s action film. That and a lot of his movies have his name as the Header like Steven Seagal is HARD TO KILL or Steven Seagal is OUT FOR JUSTICE. The crew over at Pop Chart Lab's have compiled a nice pie chart (Because that's what they do) of Steven Seagal's movie titles and how they grammatically breakdown.

Besides being a Master of Bullshit Karate and a Action Movie Star he is also a kind and gentle soul with the heart of a poet. Steven Seagal makes Jazzy Blues style Rock folk music. Its near impossible to put into words but it is music from his very soul. His Soul is like a Well of emotions and his songs are a reflection of what he draws from that deep spiritual place from within. Just listen to a sample of his music from the album 'Songs from the Crystal Cave'. Here is the music video for "Girl it's Alright". Prepare to be lifted away into complete and utter blissful rapture.

Pretty good huh? Well nothing I can say can prepare you for this cover of Lollipop...

If being whisked away to a musical dreamland wasn't enough, Steven Seagal also has manufactured and coined his own energy drink. Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt. This commercial is probably the worst energy drink commercial you'll ever damn see. But.... You know, it's.... Uhhhh.... Ridiculous.... No I can't save this. It's an awful and terribly acted commercial but I still do strangely want to try Steven Seagal's Lightning Bolt.

Just to round out this entry and to reflect the overall legeacy of Steven Seagal, Ken McIntyre flash animated a crude little series called 'The Steven Seagal Show'. Over the top and exaggerated it is a hilarious cartoon parody of Steven.

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