Monday, October 10

The Road Warrior

Sunday 9th of October 2011 5:37pm
Location: Antony's Car, T2 Highway Balgowlah

We sat there, silently watching the horizon. The Sun blazing over the cracked asphalt of the Highway. Enjoying the afternoon drive we leisurely chatted and joked as the day winded down. But then there it was, just this lumbering monster of inconsiderateness. A fucking tourist bus in the middle lane. What was it doing in the middle lane on the Highway and Why was it only going 60kms? The Bus lane was right there on the left, EMPTY and there this thing was, like a giant stupid monolith of evil, just inconsiderately taking up previous road space and doing 20kms slower then the Speed Limit.

"What the fuck is this Shit?" The Road Warrior exclaimed, the fury was evident in his voice. His eyes bulged with fury and his lip curled in frustration. The Bus Lane was made for Buses and there this Tourist Bus was, in the middle lane going 65km on a Highway. He was livid with this injustice... "THE MIDDLE LANE IS FOR CARS ONLY DAMMIT!" he Screamed.

He let out a sigh of disgruntlement, "I'm not taking this Bullshit" he muttered and abruptly turned into the Bus Lane. He revved the engine and drove past the offending vehicle in question, doing 90 in the process and thus speeding but it didn't matter to him, not even slightly. what he was doing was Justified, To him this Bus was breaking the Law of the Road by being an inconsiderate Dick.

As soon as he overtook the Bus he turned back into the Middle Lane in front of it and dropped his speed down to 50km. He sat there content with himself as he just starred at the Bus through his rear view mirror. "How do you like that? Hmmmm?"

There I was with the Road Warrior, sitting in a small car in front of a Bus drastically dropping speed in hopes that this would teach the Driver a lesson. We could've been crushed in the process but He sat there in Defiance as he stared a hole into the Bus via the rear view mirror. Who was going to crack first?

Then its left indicator flickered on and the Bus finally took the hint (or just got annoyed and changed lanes) thus changing into the Bus Lane... The Lane the Bus should've been in the entire time! He had won, he had reclaimed the Middle lane for its rightful users and had defeated the Bus in Road Battle. Road Warrior Antony then drove away having done a Good Deed. He had made the T2 Highway a better place for that moment and I was proud of my friend.

Antony is a normal man like you and I but what he did that afternoon was a superhuman act of benevolence. He could've overtaken the Bus and just driven on but he didn't, he made sure that it would go into the rightful lane and he did it. Antony Moved an entire fucking Bus by being Brave. He demonstrated true moral courage that day... something most people never do in their entire lives.

The Best thing is... We were listening to the Foo Fighters Greatest Hits and the song that came on after he made the Bus change lanes was "My Hero"

You honestly can't write something better than that. But if you ask Antony he would've preferred if 'Kiss from a Rose' by Seal had come on instead.

Kiss from a Rose bridges Generational and Cultural Gaps, I had my uncle walk into the Room when I had Kiss from a Rose was on and he stopped and said "Hey that's a Good Song Boy!" (He's Old and Fijian so he calls any young kid Boy)

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