Thursday, November 15

Movember Motivatation from the Mo' Master

I'm not sure if I mentioned before but I am doing movember this year, sure I promise a picture at the end of this. The best thing is though, my moustache is already pretty full so it doesn't actually look all that bad right now.

But You'll have to see it in all it's glory at the end of the month. Also FYI I actually had to trim it so it would come in more evenly, the sides were coming in too thick last week so I had to trim them down. I will have a decent moustache to show for my efforts. Whatever money I sollict from people at the end of the month when I walk around with a tin I will then match then just donate to the cause.

Prostate Cancer Sucks, we should definetly fund that research.

Anyway, here's the original Message from Nick Offerman about the Movember Moustache tradition.

Video Link [Embedding disabled]

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