Friday, November 16

Sleeping Dogs Review Round-Up and GTA 5 Trailer 2 Impressions

Well there it is, the latest trailer for GTA 5 and we are introduced to the 3 playable characters for this chapter of the Bench mark in immersive sandbox gaming, Grand Theft Auto V (They're continuing on with the Roman numeral thing, heh Roman).

While the game doesn't so much Gameplay if any at all but it does so a lot of exposition and the backgrounds of Trevor, Michael and Franklin. The 3 criminals the player will be controlling and switching between as they explore Los Santos and various surrounding areas (Fictional Los Angelos and South California) with a World Map touted to be bigger and more expansive then the past 4 Rockstar Titles combined.

Well I know I'm now looking forward to what Rockstar can deliver after what we got with Sleeping Dogs.

Two best Friends play Sleeping Dogs:

IGN Video Review: 8.5

Gamespot Video Review: 8.0

Rageaholic Sleeping Dogs Review: Rent It or Buy It, Just Play it

Escapsist Zero Punctuation Review: Pretty Good for a GTA clone but still not GTA: San Andreas Good

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