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The 10 Characters I'd like to see in Smash Bros 4

Super Smash Bros is a global force of nature. It's like a dream Nintendo game where you can settle old disputes on whether which video game characters would beat who in a fight. Each installment of the game the roster gets more expansive and deverse. New characters from different eras of gaming coming together in this melding pot of awesome.

These are the 10 Characters I'd like to see make it into the Playable character roster in the upcoming 4th Super Smash Bros title for the WiiU.

1) Knuckles from The Sonic Series

Knuckles the Echnida seems like the likely progression since they added the Sega Superstar of Sonic the Hedgehog in Brawl. He'd probably have a similar set up to the Sonic Moveset of Brawl. Except instead of Homing Attacks he'd probably just have Rush Attacks with a Knuckles Smash. Which I would favour over Sonic's cheap poking attacks. It would just be great to see Knuckles in the Game... That and I've always liked him better than Sonic. Sonic is kind of Douche.

2) Crono from Chrono Trigger

If any of the old Square Enix RPG franchises that made it big on the old Nintendo Systems should get a rub from the Smash Bros global fame then the New Generation should know about the Hero of one of the greatest RPG's ever made. I'd say Chrono would probably have a similar moves to either Link or Roy with his Katana Strikes making up the majority of his Smash attacks and his Lighting Magic would be some of his Specials and Recovery Move. Not sure what you'd make his Final Smash be, but I'd like to hope it would involve Time Travel.

3) Jack from MadWorld

Another third party character that has appeared on a Nintendo console but I don't see how any other console brand could lay claim to Jack eitherway. The Ultra-violent convict would be a interesting addition to say the least. Probably an impossibility considering the general nature of the game being somewhat family friendly fun, I mean the guy has a Chainsaw gauntlet.... That's not very PG. But obviously his final smash would just involve him putting a street sign through someone's face, putting a tyre over them and then impaling them onto a meat hook. Jack would probably be like Snake in character build and movement, slow, sluggish moves but hard to KO and hits really damn hard.

4) Zitz from Battletoads

Well frankly I don't see how they haven't made even the remotest appearence in any of the 3 preceding titles, not even as an Assist trophy. Battletoads belong in the Smash Bros arena. They're basically the Ninja Turtles on Steroids without the lame ass weapons.Their fists turn into Hammers and Clubs. I'm pretty sure they invented the Smash Attack because all they do is smash foes out of the damn screen with their monstrous shape shifting hands and feet. You'd probably only need to put Zitz the Leader of the Battletoads in.

5) Phoenix Wright from Ace Attorney

Well I guess Phoenix would make a better Assist Trophy then a playable character with his Objection catchphrase but then again who knew Captain Falcon was such a Badass outside of his F-Zero racer? Phoenix is a young man who would probably put an asswhomping on any guy that didn't respect the justice system. Hell he could be the rival to Captain Falcon with his many catchphrase as he yells OPBJECTION! or HOLD IT! or TAKE THIS! Quite frankly I'd like to use the phrase Lawyer up when I smack the crap out of someone.

6) Simon Bellmont from The Castlevania Series

Well the Castlevania Hero would make an obviously awesome choice. It really honestly seems like a matter of time before he gets his Smash bros debut. He'll probably have the coolest stage to go along with him too. His Whip would probably do a lot of special things like cling onto ledges and grab enemies. Handicapped Mobility but would have immense versatility with his weaponry.

7) Banjo Kazooie from The Banjo Kazooie Series

Another old duo that seems to have fallen by the wayside. Let's just ignore Nuts and Bolts ever being released and remember the good old days of this practically useless Bear and his poor tortured sidekick running around beating up evil witches. I swear that poor bird did the Lion's share of the work, anyway Banjo would probably be a pretty slow character with great recovery and decent range with the egg attack and roll. The Final Smash would probably involve using a Golden Feather and Flying around egg bombing enemies.

8) Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes

Well how could I not put a Anime and Wrestling Otaku in the game? Travis seems perfect for any fighting game in general but with his speed, grappling style and swordplay, he would be a formidable and versatile character in any fighting game. Fast quick strikes, awesome Wrestling grapples and a freaking lightsabre, its a shame that he's only a Third Party Nintendo character rather then a trademarked one, so this probably won't ever materialise.

9) Demise from Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Dear Lord look at him! LOOK AT HIM! He looks like Akuma... BUT MORE AWESOME! Plus he has a Giant Sword and has Demonic Powers. I can see how Gannondwarf is only just a servant to this hulking behemoth. I don't know how they would make his move set balanced but it would have to involve his Thunder Sword Strike as a Final Smash. Hell for all i care they could just make him a Meta Knight Clone but Slower and more Powerful. Kinda like what they did with Captain Falcon and Gannondwarf.

10) Mega Man from The Mega Man Series

He's freaking Mega Man. A staple of the NES and SNES gaming libraries back in the early days. As pointed out before by Egoraptor, the games are legendary and so is Mega Man. Only problem... Capcom owns Mega Man and well they'll probably just use their property in their licensed fighting games. If they were to make a Mega man playable character he'd obviously have a lot of moves based around his Power Ups from the series and of course his Buster Canon, I'm picturing a more mobile but slightly weaker version of Samus.


Well that's my Top 10...

Just outside the list would be the Brothers from Double Dtagon, Bowser Jr, Cooking Mama and Earthworm Jim. Good God any game with Earthworm Jim would be Awesome.

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