Monday, February 27

Music for Adventurers

Adventure Time Pilot

Ever since I saw the online pilot of Adventure Time 2 years ago I was instantly hooked. How could I not love this show immediately? It had John DiMaggio (bender from Futurama) voicing Jake the magical dog and a Hyperactive 13 year old boy as the lead characters. Over the past 3 seasons the show has evolved into this international cult hit amoung kids and adults. People all over the World have taken to the awesome adventures of Finn and Jake and have grown to love them. However I still find resistance from many people who dismiss the show as some weird drug induced parade of nonsense. (I dunno, they just say people who are on drugs watch this shit... Well they aren't wrong)

The show is amazing. The creativity, the characters, the jokes but probably my favourite aspect of the show is the music. A lot of it is Produced by show creator Pendleton Ward and by Rebecca Sugar. Rebecca recently wrote the Season 3 finale and it had some absolutely lovely songs in it. Here are the demos she recorded companied with the sketches she drew for the title card.

Here's how All Gummed up Inside and All Warmed Up Inside Turned out on the show...

Rebecca posts a lot of her music and sketches she makes for the show on her tumblr account before they go to air so if want to see some more of the demos you should check it out. (Here). Although it isn't just the simple acoustic songs there is a lot of chiptune influenced electro music in the show too. Occasionally Pendleton will use his talents to make quirky songs like this one from the episode "Evicted".

And of course when they can, they get amazing guest stars like Olivia Olsen who plays Marceline the Vampire Queen and Neil Patrick Harris who plays Prince Bubblegum to put their vocal talents behind their songs. This is NPH singing "Oh Fiona" in the gender swap episode of Adventure Time.

Then of course there are awesome as hell fan remixes of this...

Seriously this show is Awesome, Just watch it. I'm sure some of you are just too cool to watch a kid's cartoon but I'm sure you could still learn a lot from this simple show. One of the cuter and low beat songs on the show is Beemo's Friendship song after Finn and Jake get into a huge fight and it's so sweet it just makes me love this show that much more.

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