Tuesday, March 27

The Lonely Hearts Club

Its okay to be lonely... Although I don't actively pursue companionship I do sometimes envy the comfort people can find in each other. Whether it be fleeting or eternal they say the love of a good woman (or man) can do wonders for the soul.

I myself have never been in a 'serious' relationship. Probably because I'm not a very serious person. I take most things as a joke and I try to find the easiest way to handle things which is usually independently and by ignoring awkward or stressful situations. The idea of sharing oneself completely with another person scares me in a way. I'm filled with just negative thoughts and insecurities like most people that I tend to close myself off to people. I use humour and sarcasm as a barrier so its next to impossible to get a meaningful personal conversation out of me.

I like being a solitary person, I like to be left alone with my thoughts. I like being alone...

Here is a beautiful video poem about being alone.

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