Sunday, October 14

Song of the Day: "Plumage" - Menomena

It's alright song but this music video is fantastic.

For a while music videos were a lost art form from the 80s. Back then people cared about this emerging new method of storytelling and as as an art form. Wonderfully shot and well thought out stories or ideas but played out for 3 and a half minutes that complimented the music it was representing.

Then most music channels (MTV specifically) started realising they could make more money making cheap and shallow reality television programming like the Real World and through the 90s and early 2000s music videos suffered to the point where it usually consisted of a bunch of guys standing around playing instruments, a hot girl dressed up in a fetish costume or angry black rappers flashing bling and pouring champagne on strippers.

Now thanks to Menomena they've created one of the more original music videos to come out this year. Heck this decade. (Heh that's just another year).

If I was to explain the video it would be about two men that have agreed to meet up in the desert in the afternoon for a final showdown to find out who is the ultimate badass.

Dress appropriately.

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