Monday, November 21

For Zoidberg

IF I had to pick one song from 2011 that stood out for me it would either be one of these 3 songs.

Miami Horror "Holidays", Bag Raiders "Sunlight" or that infectous Party Anthem "Party Rock" by LMFAO. I swear that song was as bad as AIDS at one point, It was god damn everywhere. You could've leave youe house with out at least 4 people playing it loudly through their car stereo or hand phones or just fucking singing it out loud.

Either way, I really liked the clip for "Holidays"

And that'll be it for today with the blog...

I'm working on a Scott Pilgrim Wallpaper and I'm going to continue to work out for the sole selfish purpose of looking like the God of War to go to a con to show off like the big show off that I am... And to hopefully pick up a cute 17 year old nerdy chinese girlfriend.

Then drop her for a American Hipster Girl that plays mysterious and hard to get.

Although... There is a good chance I'll run into someone cosplaying as Ramona.

The Supernova convention in Feburary seems like the good deadline for me. I should really get around to taking a shirtless pictures of myself. (I know right, how rude of me). How am I suppose to catalogue my transformation without photo evidence?

Pffft... First World Problem

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