Sunday, November 13

It's Good to See You

When your actual presence brightens up a person's demeanor and mood its a real ego boost.

How people greet you is very important in social interactions. We're it be a wave, a smile, a polite hello or a Hug. It’s a good feeling when you are welcomed with kindness and warmth. Or if you're greeted with hostility and anger you can expect like a smirk or glare but most people try to avoid those kinds of social situations.

On the odd occasion your appearance can spark elation and joy, I experience that reaction so rarely but when it does happen it’s such a great feeling. It’s just nice to feel appreciated and welcomed, Its awesome to think that your single existence makes another person genuinely happy. It's a Wonderful Feeling being appreciated on that level.

Now I have a friend I see on the odd occasion, he has a pretty boring and routine life (Like most people in the World). But the other day when I walked into his House his mood completely swung. He was joyous, ecstatic and animated, he was genuinely happy to see me. I felt great! I think that is one of the definitions of "Love" is, which is a very sensitive word to just throw around but it does remind me of the behaviour you see in pet Dogs.

I love Dogs, way better than Cats. Dogs are loyal creatures and once you've earned their trust and love, they'll love you forever. No Matter What! They’ll always scamper up to you when you open your door as you return home. Greet you with a wide open mouth smile with their tongue hanging out and a erratically wagging tail that seems to be controlling it's whole hind quarters with its rhythmic swinging. Dogs are just happy to see you... Unconditional Love.

I don't know about you... But it's a pretty great feeling.

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