Wednesday, November 23

The Perfect Party

"The Perfect Party. It's an illusive Idea. People are to be entertained from the moment they walk in to the moment they Leave. An Experiment. And I am a Scientist... Welcome to my Labratory"


On a recent episode of Parks and Recreation, another excellent NBC Comedy sitcom. The Character Tom throws what he hopes is... The Perfect Party. Now if I was to throw a Perfect Party and Expenses wasn't an option. I'd...

Find an Abandoned Warehouse, like you see in all those Hipster commercials about Foriegn Spirits. (Apparently You can find and party in Abandoned Warehouses Everywhere. (Okay I don't know because I haven't gone looking). But one of those. Then... A sweet Fog machine, Some sweet fucking disco lights, Neon Dance Floor, Animated Disney Movies projected on all the Walls, alcohol, cigarettes, an assortment of party drugs, fireworks, strippers, tigers, a cage fight, a bikini mud jelly ladies wrestling match in a pool, a food fight and if there is time a quick game of Laser Tag.

Actually that's pretty tamed come to think of it...

If I could plan the perfect party it honestly would be the most ellaborate party and would require multiple days of planning and scheming, but my current "Perfect Party" seems suit able for a budget under I dunno $5,000 minus the Tiger.

That's just unacceptable.

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