Tuesday, November 22

The House of Cards

An amazingly sublime and moving Radiohead track... Has nothing to do with this post.

As part of my Becoming the God of War Kratos fitness regreme I have going. I did the old House of Cards Workout routine last night.

For those that are unfamilur, the House of Cards workout is simple. You get a standard dack of cards and each suit you assign a simple wrkout like push-ups, sit-ups, etc. etc. So whatever card you draw is how many you do of the assigned workout. Last night I did this.

Hearts = Normal Push-Ups
Spades = Squats
Clubs = Leg Lift Crunches
Diamonds = Hindu Push-Ups (I think that's what they call that)

Had the Bastion Soundtrack blasting in the background while I worked out. I was already pretty exhausted after 15 minutes so I'm probably going to do this workout every other day. Tonight I'm using the Perfect Push-Up. I also need to go for a Run... like badly, I keep putting it off. Ugh need to get more motivated to run.

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