Tuesday, November 22

I'm seriously going to have to buy a ticket now.

A nice digital art piece...

Two of my favourite artists are headlining the Australia Big Day Out Tour, Kanye West and Kasabian, amoung a handfull of other acts I'm really interested in seeing. Like Noel Gallagher post Oasis.

Kanye West makes Amazing Music. Beautifully crafted hip hop tracks that genre sample with amazing expertise. Tracks like Power and Rnaway are just Masterpieces of Rap and sampling. Man is a dreaking Genius... He's an Asshole... BUT HE'S A GENIUS!

Kasabian make awesome music. Just fucking awesome music. It just sounds good. Like I'm listening to some form of mystical hipster rock and roll that was the soulchild of making a modern version of the Beatles... But more Awesome.

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