Saturday, November 26

Gin Nightmare

So it was my friend's 23rd birthday last night, he didn't really feel like gaving a big celebration. Just wanted a small get together at his house. I brought a bottle of Gin and 3 bottles of Ginger Ale to make my favourite mixed drink, A Gin with Ginger Ale.

I'm not sure what kind of fancy / manly name I should give that name. We settled with GG which is short for 'Good Game' in the online gaming community. That and Ginger Ale masks the taste of Gin quite well. Either way I got stupid amount of drunk as I just kept downing one glass after another. In the space of 2 to 3 hours I have consumed the entire Gin bottle and was out of my mind drunk. Not make a scene and fight everyone drunk. I was holding it all together pretty well all things considering. I do think I did throw up a few times, I can't remember but I do remember the ungodly Hang over I felt this morning.

GRANTED... It wasn't the worse Hang over I'm ever gotten but there really isn't a good way to drink a Bottle of Gin and not feel like garbage the next day. Even though it was a quiet get together and nothing much happened I still had a great time giving myself alcohol poisoning so I'll be sure to do it all again soon.

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