Tuesday, September 13

Being Manorexic

To your left is a picture of Michael Fassbender playing a noble Spartan Warrior, you may also know him as Magneto from X-Men First Class. Anyway when you look at this picture do you see one of the Ultimate Spartan Warriors breed for Battle and Glory or do you see a Underweight Male Actor holding a pointy stick?

I google searched the socially trending term "Manorexic" to see what the results were, among the gaunt and scary looking skeletons with skin kind of body reserved for freak shows and spiritual Indian monks was the above picture. That's right, that picture of that supposedly superior warrior male is now considered (m)anorexic.

I dunno about you, but I thought that was interesting... If that were the case then I'm probably considered manorexic because I basically starved myself down to that size and work out like... A lot,

But that just might be narcissism.

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